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I wondered how deeply Friedrich had deciphered the meaning and enigma of love together. While there are millions of ways people have tried to define love based on their understanding and experiences, Friedrich, in my opinion, has done the best job of unraveling this endowment that essentially separates a living being from an inanimate thing of this universe. In fact, love is that inherent quality of any living being, which gives a distinct feeling and understanding to each of us, and that’s why we hear different interpretations of it from different sets of people. However, I strongly agree with Friedrich’s statement about this oceaning feature and the intangible treasure a living being is endowed with. Love, a feeling born in the heart, has immense potential to heal human inflictions, which medicines and other substances cannot do. It can provide the strength and sense of fulfillment that other material things fail to do. It’s love that we care for someone, for each other. It can make the world a better place for anyone, everyone.

We all experience love since birth in different forms with different people throughout our lives. As they say, a human being is a social animal and likes to live in groups, be it a smaller one like a family or a larger one like a city or country. By virtue of this phenomenon and universal fact, we come across many people in our lives who play an essential role in shaping us, nurturing us, helping us grow, supporting us, and enabling us to navigate through life’s problems and affairs. We experience varied forms of love from all of them; reciprocatively, we do the same to them. And this natural phenomenon which makes our lives beautiful and the world a better place for all of us. Devoid of love, we tend to become beasts, and the world becomes a hellish place. Among all of them who associate with us and shower love on us, someone holds a distinct and unique place that none else can occupy or claim to have. I got her in my life some 41 years ago. She started liking and loving me from the day she saw me. I was not able to see her, recognize her, understand her, and feel her intense love for me. I couldn’t feel, know, and understand that she loved me so fanatically that she stared at me day in and day out whenever I was before her eyes. Unreciprocated and unrequited love, on account of my oblivion to the reality, her dedication never derided, her care never diminished. An unconditional, pure, and unmatchable love!

It took a long time for me to start feeling and understanding her love. I felt the warmth and comfort when she would cuddle me, and I felt absolute protection in her arms. Whenever I felt happy, I would rush to her; whenever I felt sad, I would resort to her. I began to notice that my happiness made her glad, and my sadness brought melancholy to her. They say that if your joy makes someone happy and your gloom makes someone sad, it’s a sign of pure love. All relationships in this world are based on some form of transaction, reciprocation, and vested interest. But there’s one which is free of all of these give-and-take nature – That’s your mother’s love. Yes, it’s about that of the father, too.

One cannot imagine their life without a mother. One cannot imagine one’s upbringing without her mother’s care, nine months in the womb, and in the life after birth. It’s said that the heaven is under her feet. She’s the most caring, the most loving, the biggest support, and the most beautiful lady in my life. So, this Mother’s Day, let’s resolve to serve her in the best possible way in her remaining days of life! If she’s happy, we will be glad in this world and be awarded heaven hereafter.

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  1. mehtab Kittu

    Its my fortune to have brother like my Sarwar bhaiya. So attractive and meaningful. I got lot of life lesson.

    1. sarwar Alam

      Thanks so much, Kittu.

  2. Neha

    Can’t agree more! Beautifully expressed and every bit of the expression holds true in itself!

    1. sarwar Alam

      Thanks so much, Neha.

  3. Md Sadique Alam

    Mashallah very good statement sir

    1. sarwar Alam

      Thanks, Sadique.

  4. Anand Jadhav

    Your post beautifully explains mother’s love, just like Balkavi’s Marathi poem “Swami Tinhi Jagacha… Aai Vina Bhikari.” It says that without a mother, even a wealthy person is poor. Great job!

    1. sarwar Alam

      Beautiful. Thanks so much, Anand.

  5. Sanjay

    So nice

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